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This suspenseful novel contains themes of love and loss, peace and forgiveness. It follows the adventures of Daniel Plain, a young man from Seattle who moves in Paris in the fateful year of 1997. Daniel’s life becomes intertwined with events linked to Diana, Princess of Wales, and he finds himself in great danger as he seeks to unravel the mysteries surrounding the tragic loss of the people’s princess.

In this novel about Princess Diana, readers experience events in Paris and London in 1997. The “Queen of Hearts” is seen in Paris visiting an AIDS clinic. Her love affair with Dodi Fayed unfolds, followed by the sad events at the Alma Tunnel. Author Eric Hamilton (pen name of bestselling mystery writer Eric Wilson) explores the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Lady Di, and takes the readers to the south of France where the murder of a paparazzo sheds new light on the loss of the Princess. Fans of royalty will love this novel, as will those who enjoy Turner
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Love & Death in Paris '97