About the Author

Hi and welcome! My name is Eric Wilson (for Paris ’97 I employ a pen name…please visit my other website at www.ericwilson.com).

In this picture I’m with my wife Flo. Her mom, Mary, took the picture while visiting us in Victoria, British Columbia.

I was born in Ottawa. I’ve always loved trains.

My Dad was a Mountie, my Mum a nurse. I’m proud of my country because of our compassion towards others, our sense of fair play, our welcoming smile for strangers.

Growing up, I really liked reading the Hardy Boys mysteries. I daydreamed about becoming a mystery author. Here I am with my brothers Bruce and Paul (I’m on the right).

Years later I became a teacher. I wanted to get my students into the magic of words, so I started writing books. The first one published, Murder on the Canadian, entered the world in 1976, and to this day remains a favorite with kids in many countries.

Flo and I love cruise ships. Here we are with Mary in Skagway, Alaska.  On this Paris ’97 website you’ll find information about a Lady Di Tribute Cruise we are sponsoring in 2011 for fans of Princess Diana.

After writing 22 mysteries for young readers, I decided to write a novel for adults under the pen name Eric Hamilton. Flo and I have always admired Princess Diana, so I decided to pursue a novel about the Queen of Hearts. It took four years to research and write. The work was done in our apartment, located in the James Bay neighborhood of Victoria. I took this picture from the living room:

For many years I have worked closely with Flo and our friend, editor Sadie Whitemoon, to fashion the strongest possible stories. Until recently we also benefited from the wisdom and sage advice of my honorary sister, Winter Leigh. We miss Winter very much. Here she is with Flo on our balcony in a picture taken several years ago: